MIKA is a non-profit community based Association. It currently has 22 Member Kindergartens throughout the City of Maroondah - see MAP of MIKA Member Kindergartens. MIKA exists to provide a central enrolment system on behalf of its Member Kindergartens. It also provides a forum for the discussion of matters of interest to Member Kindergartens and will act on their behalf in the public arena if instructed to do so.

MIKA employs a Central Enrolment Officer and a Bookkeeper. The Central Enrolment Officer administers the Central Enrolment System for three and four year old groups, in accordance with the policies developed and agreed to by its Member Kindergartens. The MIKA bookkeeper manages the finances of the association.

Each Member Kindergarten provides a representative to sit on the MIKA general committee each year. The Executive positions of this committee (President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer) are filled by Member Kindergartens on a rotational basis. All representatives on the MIKA committee are volunteers.

MIKA is not part of the Maroondah City Council, however, Council does provide an annual grant to assist in funding the central enrolment system, and assists with administration support. The remainder of the income required is raised through membership fees and enrolment fees.